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3 super easy ways to save the planet in 2019

Start the revolution today

Stressful and result driven lifestyle in a mega city like Shanghai along with enormous options for cheap services are probably the main reasons why people get further pushed away from being interested in(or connected to) the environment. At the same time, we spend almost half of our adult lives in an office, so what can we do to make a change? Here are a few tips from Agora Space team:

Use one instead of one million

We're sure you can guess the amount of waste an average person produce by ordering daily delivery(A LOT).We also know that not everyone are able to go out to lunch everyday but we have a great solution for that! Bring a reusable lunch box and ask your friends that do go out for lunch to bring you back food in it!

Produce your own food- easier than you think

Wayne Weiseman, a permaculture teacher that gave a talk in Agora Space last month, produce 90% of his family nutrition by himself. We understand that most of you are too busy to even start thinking about producing food, but what if told you its easier than you think?

Growing mushrooms at your office/home does not take much time at all and with a few hours of work you can produce up to 6 month of crop! Check out "The Permaculture Project" online for more details.

Start planting

Planting herbs in pots at home/office is probably one of the easiest things you will ever do and the results will defiantly change your life! Not only that herbs planting last for very long time, it will reconnect you with the feeling of nature around you in a bustling city like Shanghai. It only takes a few minutes to start.

Want to know more? Check out the rainbow of hope website.

We are Agora Space

Agora Space is an international co-working community located in Xuhui district, Shanghai. We are makers, traders, designers, developers and entrepreneurs working as freelancers or running startup or business. Become part of our community by visiting our space on 1199 Panyu rd, building number 9, Shanghai

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